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Look who is catching fish" Using our light, you not only catch Fisherman/women, you catch Fish!!!

as you know, this fish is most often fished at night with a great majority of it being ice fishing. While fishing Walleyes at night, wouldn't you like to see what is actually going on out at your tip-ups when the light goes on.

First I will have to admit that with all the tip-up lights that are on the market today, I have never found one that signals the ice fisherman other than just going on. Finally there is one, we recognize our product as to be the only Unique Tip-up light that has the features which people can use and have fun with.

- It Spins when the fish pulls the line.
- It floats
- Water proof
- Very Dependable + Batteries included
- Good through 100+ hours per each battery

- Fits most flat laying Tip-Ups, mainly Polar and
  Artic type Tip-Ups.
- It minimizes WIND and MINNOW trips.

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